Process Automation & Analytics

Transform and optimize business processes with insight analytics

Processes can perform in ways that optimize the amount of human support needed. Simple automation of processes can eliminate errors, reduce biases and perform transactional work in a fraction of the time it takes humans. ACS can transform both structured and un-structured data, to executable business outcomes. Through the usage of assortment of applications, semantic analytics & statistics.

Let ACS put business automation to work for you

ACS helps clients transform and manage functional and industry-specific processes through process automation and advanced analytics to achieve and deliver higher-quality processes at lower cost with less risk. ACS process automation services address the three fundamentals of process design.

  • Assess business process workflow and redesign.
  • Select automation technology elements and determine how they fit the larger spectrum.
  • Deploy accelerated proofs of concept using specific automation solutions.

Our Solution helps

Process Redesign and Reengineering

Process Re-Design & Re-Engineering

Incremental process improvements play an important role in keeping production flowing smoothly.

Process Automation and Analytics

With automation, processes can perform in ways that optimize the amount of human support needed.


We are delighted to be working with ACS in general, the flexible and keen approach to anything thrown your way makes our jobs here that much smoother and productive. It’s truly good to have a trusted ally such as you.

Patrick Hainault, Vice-President Corporate Business Development
Mansueto Ventures – Inc., Fast Company