Technology excite us. What excites us even more is the opportunity to implement technology that equips our clients to drive real innovation helping them transform and grow their organizations.


ACS International Resources has been providing different forms of IT services and consulting for 28 years with great success. Working across more than 30 states providing strategic advice, IT infrastructure project services, fully-staffed 24/7/365 IT support.

We facilitate enhanced competitiveness through multi-faceted interventions leading to business improvements through consulting, automation, reporting, people, process and operational assessments, benchmarking, and resource provisioning through quality outsourcing.
We are a trusted consulting partner to organizations of all sizes from small to start-up to private equity and private equity-owned businesses.

ACS International Resources works with organizations across various industries for enterprise-wide deployment of process improvement and quality initiatives using Business Intelligence, Data Management, Reporting & Analytics, Process Redesign, Strategy Assessment to name a few.

Our team is made up of an extraordinary mix. At ACS we have team members with a diverse background and experience. We understand what really matters to solve challenges in a unique way.

ACS Overview​

Our Vision

We inspire companies to use technology in radically better ways.

Our Mission

We deliver effective technology solutions that enable companies and leaders to achieve and exceed goals.

Our Customer Promise

Our mission is not just for the board room and plaques across our offices. We truly live our mission by delivering on the promise we make to you every step of the way. It gives us direction and a clear sense of purpose. This is what defines us as a company: how we act, how we treat others, and how we conduct business.


  • We understand the needs of our clients' better than anyone else.
  • We love what we do and thrive on continuos learning.
  • We connect with each other, and everyone we serve.
  • We act with integrity to achieve inspiring results.


  • We can solve technology problems.
  • We use technology as a catalyst for impact.
  • We own our mistakes and resolve them promptly.
  • We have relentlessly high, ever evolving standards.


  • We care intensely about the success of our clients.
  • We deliver services that enable our clients to be the best of the best.
  • We work vigorously to earn and retain client trust.
  • We are not a company. We are a mission


  • We are always calm, respectful, and optimistic.
  • We ask questions, listen and discuss.
  • We update, follow-up, and follow-through on time.
  • We are humble, candid, and concise in speech and writing.

ACS Charter And Independent School Initiatives

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Inspiroz is a part of ACS and was incorporated to offer  technology solution services to charter and independent schools in the USA.

Let Us Show You How We Make Your Outcomes Our Outcomes

Let us help you design & support the technology solutions your organization needs to make your goals a reality.