New Facility Setup


Whether you’re expanding the office or starting a brand-new office, technology plans a key role in a successful opening. Taking the time to develop a strategic technology plan will help ensure that you have the right infrastructure and devices to support your overall business goals.

Our experienced team of IT professionals has helped countless businesses expand. We know what it takes to grow. We have both the strategic and on-site experience to design and implement the technology your organization needs.

When setting up a new facility, our team of IT consultants first creates a comprehensive infrastructure plan for the telephone and internet systems. This covers the access points, cabling and the set up of Main Distribution Frames (MDF) and Intermediate Distribution Frames (IDF).

The consultants also design the technology and equipment plan. These plans cover equipment needs from speakers and phones to projectors and printers.

The ACS team works with any relevant vendors to install all technology and equipment in the new facility and can provide ongoing support for staff.

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Device Procurement

Device Procurement & Setup

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Software & Applications Support

Software & Applications Setup

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New Facility Setup

New Facility Setup

Planning A New Office Facility?
Start With A Strategic Technology Plan

Network Internet Setup & Security

Network/Internet Setup & Security

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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect Your Organization’s Valuable Data With A Comprehensive Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan